Bradford White Heat Pump Error Codes: Troubleshooting Tips

Bradford White heat pump water heater - AerothermBradford White Hybrid Water Heater - Aerotherm

Bradford White heat pump from the Aerotherm series is an advanced electric water heater that utilizes the diagnostic system and error codes to notify the user or the service technician about the existing problem inside the unit. 

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Common problems in heat pumps

The most common problems found in Bradford White heat pumps, and other models, are as follows, and are usually accompanied by the beeping sound and flashing screen:

  • No hot water
  • Not enough hot water
  • Water is too hot
  • Discolored water
  • Compressor issues
  • Unusual noise
  • Water leak
  • Rotten egg smell
  • High operating costs

Even if there are complicated problems such as faulty elements, the error code appears on the display of the control panel/controller, indicating the heater's malfunction. Thanks to the smart electronics and displayed error codes, the user can take advantage and successfully perform the troubleshooting

Of course, it is more convenient and safer to contact the professional service, also more expensive. If you are a handyman, have the necessary knowledge and experience, including the right tools, you can fix it too.

For the DIY homeowners, the list of the common Bradford White error codes is provided below, with an explanation of the cause, symptoms, and steps you have to take for a successful repair.

Bradford White heat pump error codes explained

Error code: FA

Problem and solution: The problem might be with the refrigerant leak from the compressor or an issue with the sensor T4 that measures the compressor outlet temperature, wiring, and loose connections. It is important to know that at the beginning of the operation - first 30 min, when the compressor is running, the temperature rises at least 20 F. Also, check the operation of the Electronic Expansion Valve – EEV.

Error code: FB

Problem and solution: The problem is the same as the above with the error code FA – after 30 minutes of working, the heat pump must increase the temperature to 120 F and over and stay stable.

Error code: FC

Problem and solution: Similar to the above problem, including symptoms and repair instructions, but instead of the T4 sensor that measures the compressor outlet temperature, check the T3 sensor. This is an evaporator inlet temperature sensor, so check that the temperature is, after the first 30 min, over 20 F and that there is no frost on the evaporator.

Error code: FD

Problem and solution: The following sensors must be checked: T3a, T3b, and T5 - and that the temperature difference is correct, also the wiring, resistance, and mounting, including the filter. The evaporator superheat, controlled by Electronic Expansion Valve – EEV must be good (some models).

Error code: FE

Problem and solution: The compressor discharge temperature should not exceed 240 F, and the temperature measured on the T4 sensor must be less than 240 F. Also, there should not be any fluid leak from the compressor. The EEV element must be operational.

Error code: FF

Problem and solution: Check the T3a, T3b sensors, mounting and wiring, EEV operation, and for a possible refrigerant leak. The control checks that the EEV is operating correctly.

Error code: FG

Problem and solution: No problems with the heat pump. T5 sensor checks that the ambient temperature is in the normal range from 45 F to 120 F, and if not, the unit will switch to the Electric or Standard mode.

Error code: FH

Problem and solution: No fault code displayed but can be seen in the diagnostic mode. The check is used to help the technician evaluate the compressor temperature overload device.

Error code: FI

Problem and solution: Make sure that the evaporator superheat is lower than 20 F (usually 10 F) and that the EEV position is lower than 450 F, after 30 min of working; otherwise, there is a refrigerant leak. So, except checking the system for a leak, check the T3a and T3b sensors’ resistance, mounting, and wiring connections.

Error code: F2

Problem and solution: T2 temperature sensor failure. Since this sensor checks the tank temperature, check its resistance, mounting, and wiring. Use the service mode to test the sensor temperature – it should be in the range from 30 F to 170 F.

Error code: F3

Problem and solution: Compressor failure - no current flow detected. A recommendation is to check the capacitor, overload device, wiring, and relay.

Error code: F4

Problem and solution: A fan malfunction – check the element and wiring.

Error code: F5

Problem and solution: Check the T2a sensor for the shorted or open circuit. The T2a is the evaporator inlet temperature sensor.

Error code: F6

Problem and solution: T3b sensor failure – shorted or open circuit. The T3b is the evaporator outlet temperature sensor. Check the wiring, mounting, and resistance.

Error code: F7

Problem and solution: T4 sensor failure – measures compressor outlet temperature. Look for the open or shorted circuit. Also, check the sensor wiring, mounting, and resistance.

Error code: F8

Problem and solution: T5 sensor failure – it checks the ambient temperature. Look for the shorted or open circuit. Check the T5 sensor wiring, mounting, and resistance.

Error code: F9

Problem and solution: Check the lower heating element for failure or bad wiring. The current sensor does not detect the current when it is energized.

Error code: F10

Problem and solution: Similar to error F9, but this time the upper heating element needs to be checked as there is no current flow.

Error code: F11

Problem and solution: This error message comes up if the water storage tank is not full of water (or enough for safe operation), so the heating elements won't burn out.

Error code: F12 (bad line)

Problem and solution: The voltage is low, lower than 155 V as soon as it is powered up. The normal voltage range is from 208 V to 220 V.

Error code: F13

Problem and solution: F13 code shows when the button on the control panel is stuck and is not operable - the fault code clears when the buttons become free again.

Error code: F14 / dirty filter

Problem and solution: The filter needs to be cleaned for normal operation. The F14 code shows a number of the "dirty filter" occurrences.

Error code: F15

Problem and solution: Problem in the Data Flash, permanent memory storage.

How to contact Bradford White:

Official website: bradfordwhite.com

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