Bradford White - 6 year warranty - MY AUNT FANNY

by Merrily
(Charlotte, NC)

So three years ago, I purchased a Bradford White water heater. I chose this brand because I thought they stood by their products and their warranty....BOY WAS I WRONG!!! Every year since purchasing, I wake up to a yearly cold shower. In addition to the purchase price, I have had to call three times to report I have no hot water! The first time, the company that installed it came out and re-lit the pilot light and charged me $50. I got stuck with a service fee and the PROMISE that if it happened again BRADFORD WHITE would replace it.

The second time it happened....I was charged $250 for a service call and diagnostic tests that the lovely people at Bradford White insisted the HVAC tech perform. The HVAC tech fought with BW's tech support for two hours and still they would not replace my water heater. The tech re-lit my pilot light and for 10 months I have had hot water.

Today it happened again.....and I have to go without hot water for 4 days because it is a holiday weekend. I wonder if BW is gonna stand by their product and do the right thing and COVER all costs to replace and install a new water heater. That's what a company that stands by their products and has integrity would do!!

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