Bosch Water Heater Blues

by Jim Steward
(Woodstock, Ontario Canada)

I have had a Bosch tankless water heater for 4 years now and wish every second I had kept a tank type.

In 20 years never had a problem or service call with the tank, one year into the thankless and need a service call because flame wouldn't stay lit. $80 later! 4 years now and flame keeps going off-on-off-on.... when you shower.

Called Bosch, may has well called my Grandmother. I did my research and changed all the water faucet cartridges to ensure no cross over, checked water pressure, lubricated components per the manual, flushed the heat exchanger lines, guess what, still happens.

All Bosch could tell me was "could be a million different things". Told him what I have done, still the same response, wasn't really interested in my problems or what I have done to try to correct them.

After an $1,800 4 year investment, the Bosch tankless water heater sucks and I hope I can save someone else the money and aggravation that I have encountered.

Good luck, choose wisely!
Jim in Canada

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Apr 11, 2013
Bosch Tankless Problems
by: Anonymous

Bought a house with a Bosch tankless water heater. Thought it would be great, a money and water saver. It's just the opposite.

It sometimes takes 5-6 times of turning water on, waiting 15 seconds, then off, waiting, then on etc. until flame finally turns on. With laundry I have to stand by the tank and listen for flame to ignite otherwise it's a cold wash. It's the same thing with showers or washing dishes. And once the flame turns on you don't dare turn the hot water off or it might not ignite again. And if you reduce flow the flame shuts off so you have to run water full flow. What a waste. Hate this tank! Can't afford to replace though.

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