Bock Gas Water Heaters

Bock gas water heaters expert review and buying tips. Top features and benefits. See how Bock water heaters are designed to increase recovery rate, clean combustion, and higher efficiency.

The Bock manufacturer makes various water heaters and storage tanks used for different heating applications, such as residential and commercial hot water production. Bock also offers different types of water heaters and sizes, using the following fuel sources: oil, natural and propane gas, electric, solar, and geothermal.

Gas fired water heaters

Gas-powered Bock water heaters are ideal for home use where a high volume of hot water is required. Several models and sizes are available for residential use, from 32 to 113-gallon capacities and from 104,000 to 173,000 Btu per hour gas input. All these models use a fan-assisted burner, which draws the air into the combustion chamber, increasing the recovery rate.

Bock gas water heaters are factory-built to use natural gas as the primary fuel source but can be transformed to use propane gas also.


One of the most important features found in Bock gas water heaters is the Turboflue. The Turboflue was invented in 1960 by the company founder, Oscar Bock.

Turboflue is a unique and one of the most advanced heat exchangers in the water heating industry. It is designed as a multi-finned flue, made of heavy, 12-gauge steel, and built with hundreds of fins. Such a design heats the water faster and more efficiently while reducing the heat loss through the flue. This patented feature also reduces operating costs by using less energy.

C-Glass is the Bock's exclusive porcelain coating, a durable enamel lining applied to the inner tank's surface and outside surface of Turboflue for protection against the hard or aggressive water condition.

Bock water heaters are built to last. The tank body is made of heavy gauge steel, and thanks to the dual magnesium anode rods, is protected from corrosion, extending its life.

The fan-assisted gas burner is installed externally, making the gas combustion more efficient, cleaner, and with an increased recovery rate. Also, the external mount allows easy installation and maintenance.

A hand-cast refractory lined combustion chamber provides better heat retention and combustion, allows warmer starts, and reduces gas emissions.

Safety and control elements consist of the factory-installed TP valve, direct spark ignition with the flame rod to provide 100% safety shut-off, and dual aquastats for accurate temperature control.

Every gas-powered Bock water heater that is used for residential water heating comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The price is within the range of $2,000 to $10,000.


Bock manufactures two types of gas water heaters for residential and commercial use: single and multiflue tanks.

Center flue design is the most used design in residential gas heaters. The advantages are a simpler design that allows easy cleaning and maintenance, reducing tank flex for longer life.

A multiflue tank, when compared to the single flue design, has more than double the gas input. Such a design allows Bock to manufacture smaller gas water heaters with a larger BTU input and higher recovery.


Bock gas water heaters are custom-made units to meet any commercial or residential requirement for hot water.

Every unit is known for its efficient feature Turboflue and high-quality porcelain enamel lining C-glass. Also, excellent quality in the craftsmanship construction, durability in operation with the increased efficiency and performance ensures that Bock heaters are among the top trusted names in the water heating industry.

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