Blowing Elements -Tripping Breakers and Hot ware coming out of Cold Water Supply Line

by Georgie

We purchased a home that was 11 years old. The hot water heater is a Rheem 40 gallon tank. Now when we moved in the hot water heater was not working.

1st thing .. Husband replaced both elements. This worked for a little while. But found out that hot water is coming out of cold water supply line that hooks to the washing machine.

2nd thing....The breaker was loose in the panel box outside we replaced it and replaced the bottom element... cause the hot water stopped working it was only lukewarm water coming out. This worked for a about a week.

Now here is the real kicker... there is hot water coming out of the cold water supply line in the washroom.

On Friday night I turned the hot water on in the bathroom and it was sputtering and sputtering from the faucet and hot water came out.
On Saturday I did not have hot water. I went out flipped the breaker on and off. not the problem.. but I could heard a sizzling .. squeaking noise coming from the area of the top panel on the top panel area of the ELECTRIC 40 gallon hot water heater.... not a water squealing noise but an electrical squealing noise.

So I contacted the previous owner of the house and she said that there always has been an issue with the hot water coming out of the cold water supply line.

Now how will I be able to tell if it is a cross connection or if it is a problem that the hot water heater is causing, and if it is a back-flow problem. I appreciate any assistance or information that you can provide that I can test to narrow the issue down, as it may be something simple, and can test before calling out a plumber. Thanks!!

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