Ariston gl2 5 mini tank water heater review

by Katie

I've bought Bosch Ariston gl 2.5 point of use water heater for my kitchen sink, as it is pretty far from the central water heater. I love it... it provides me an instant hot water and enough water to handle small load of dishes or wash hands. Ariston gl 2.5 is a mini tank water heater that is very easy to install and use. Bosch will even provide a mounting bracket for the installation and relief valve.

The only thing I had to change is to provide a dedicated electrical outlet and with a 1.5 kW and 15 Amp I didn't want to blow the circuit when working together with other appliances.

Be cautious during the start-up, Bosch recommends to fill the tank first, remove all the air from the tank and after that turn the unit ON.

Adjusting the temperature on Ariston gl2.5 is very easy. My Ariston water heater has the thermostat set to the lowest setting so I had to change it. There is a blue round cover at the front of the water heater that you have to remove. Remove the cover panel also and find the thermostat. Simply turn the thermostat counter-clockwise to lower the temperature or clockwise to increase the temperature of hot water.

There is a small indicator light that will go off when the set temperature has been reached by the thermostat.

I would recommend Ariston 2.5 gl mini tank to everyone as the convenient way to get the hot water.

Liked the most: design, compact size and how fast in provides hot water.

The only disadvantage is the inconvenient way of adjusting the temperature, you have to remove two covers. For me this is OK so kids cannot play with the exposed temperature dial.

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