Are AquaCal Pool Heaters
any Good?
Let's Check Features, Pros and Cons

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Are you looking for the best water heating devices for your swimming pool?

Check out AquaCal pool heaters - extremely reliable heat pumps that will make other brands seem mediocre. Come and read further to find out everything you need to know about AquaCal heaters!

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When it comes to swimming pool heaters, high-quality models from AquaCal meet homeowners' criteria without trouble. They produce heat pumps only and are really good at it. And, of course, you will be happy seeing the different options they have available. So keep reading to learn more about AquaCal pool heaters!

What makes AquaCal pool heaters and their heat pumps a better solution over gas pool heaters

There are several reasons why heat pumps, and especially designed and built by this manufacturer, are much better than gas pool heaters. The following advantages are the critical factors that make heat pumps better than other heating devices:

Heating and cooling modes available

With just a touch of a button, you can make a heat pump change from heating to cooling, making it run as an air conditioner. In contrast to the gas pool heaters, heat pumps move heat (do not generate) from the air or similarly take the heat out of the water and use it for pre-heating.

More energy efficient heating

Efficiency is measured with the COP rate. This rate stands for the coefficient of performance and measures the amount of energy needed to produce heat. Heat pumps come with COP rates of over 4, while gas pool heaters have less than 1. This means a heat pump needs less energy to produce more heat when compared to gas heaters, so with the higher energy efficiency, the greater energy savings are.

More affordable

Apart from lowering the amount of used electricity and thus the monthly electricity bills, heat pumps also need less maintenance than gas pool heaters. You will only have to do yearly maintenance, and that will be enough for reliable and long-term operation. Other heaters may require up to four per year.

Better footprint and air quality

It's true we are going through a tough time in our world when it comes to contamination. So why not pick a device that helps to reduce greenhouse gases, such as CO2 and its footprint?

A heat pump can be a device with an eco-friendly performance in every way compared to other swimming pool heaters. It does not use combustion to generate heat, and since there is no burning, there is no carbon emission and direct pollution (except where the electricity is produced).

It is also safer than gas-powered counterparts, even when using refrigerant, such as R410A.

On the other side of the coin, gas-powered models can heat pool water all year round, no matter the weather conditions and the climate. They heat water fast, providing greater comfort than other models.

What does the AquaCal company offer for heating swimming pools?

There are two primary models you can find when looking for AquaCal pool heaters. These are the HeatWave SuperQuiet and the Tropical. Both are incredibly reliable, powerful, efficient and will help you make your pool the most comfortable of all. Here's what you should know about each:

AquaCal HeatWave SuperQuiet

The HeatWave SuperQuiet is a model that comes in several designs that offer different BTU ranges, efficiency ratings, and modes. Each design has its slightly different performances but comes with the same features. What makes this model so enticing is the high-quality construction and overall component design. 

In the SuperQuiet series, you can find a pump with only heating, such as the: SQ125, SQ145, and the SQ225. The heating & cooling models are found as SQ120R and SQ166R and are called ICEBREAKERS. They all come in 50Hz and 60Hz versions according to the user's needs.

Perfect for above-ground pools, the AquaCal HeatWave SuperQuiet is also designed to provide the quietest performance in the market. Apart from that, it is also one of the most energy-efficient and long-lasting devices out there.


  • ThermoLink Titanium Heat Exchanger: The better return of money by minimizing energy use while creating excellent heating capacity. Lifetime warranty.
  • IceBreaker Technology: Cool down or heat your pool without problems. Whether you are in the coldest winter or hottest summer, this technology will help you enjoy your pool entirely.
  • Microprocessor and digital display – self-diagnostics
  • Five models available with power ranging from 101,000 to 126,000 BTU.
  • COP ranging from 5.5 to 6.8
  • The maximum water of 70 GPM
  • Weight 268-328 pounds
  • Size 38" x 36" x 49"

AquaCal Tropical

It's the highest performance heat pump in the market and the most reliable from AquaCal. The Tropical model comes in six different models: T55, T75, T90, T115, or T135, where the first two utilize a tube-in-tube heat exchanger, while the other comes with the patented ThermoLink heat exchanger, high performance and made of durable titanium.

The power ranges from 52,000 to 132,000 BTU, and the unit can get up to 6.0 in COP and a maximum water flow of 70 GPM.

All the models use the environment-friendly refrigerant - R410A.

Alongside a Titanium heat exchanger for superior efficiency, you also obtain a top-notch microprocessor for better defrost cycles, a highly resistant construction, and a magnificent quiet performance. It's an astonishing choice for any in-ground pool, yet it works with any type if you need it to.


  • ThermoLink Titanium Heat Exchanger: Built-in in three models, the T90, T115, and T135, for different efficiency ratings and performances.
  • Most Reliable Cabinet: The shell of the heat pump is entirely impact-, rust-, and fade-resistant. You will have a device that lasts for years, even in harsh weather.
  • Lockable control panel
  • Two types of heat exchangers; a tube in tube and ThermoLink.
  • Weights from 180 to 287 pounds
  • Size 38" x 36" x 33 (43)"

Top-selling AquaCal pool heaters

AquaCal HeatWave SuperQuiet SQ120R

Certified by AHRI and created with every user in mind, the HeatWave SuperQuiet SQ120R is the best version of this model. It provides both heating and cooling with the highest efficiency, keeps your pool comfortable at all times without trouble, and promotes the most secure and reliable use in the market. If you want a product that delivers, the SuperQuiet SQ120R is the one you need.

Features, benefits, comments

Quality cabinet build

Coming with a corrosion-proof cabinet and the AquaTop Air-Flow technology, you get a product that not only resists rust, fade, and any other wearing sign, it also keeps the device protected against debris, dust, impacts, and, more importantly – overheating and condensation.

Digital display with microprocessor

A microprocessor controls the device, making it more accessible to change modes and set up the device according to your needs. What really stands out is its digital display hidden to protect it from the sun, weather changes, and more.

You can run diagnostics; get better reads of the device performance and increased defrost cycle effectiveness.

ThermoLink Titanium heat exchanger

As described before, the purpose of this exchange is to produce more heating or cooling capacity without using too much energy. It is protected against chemical corrosion; it is more durable and promotes more versatility as it is also compatible with several pumps. 

IceBreaker technology

You can set your heat pump to cool down, heat up, or choose mode automatically according to the outside temperature. If you want to use your pool in the summer, cool it down to have a refreshing splash. Otherwise, you can heat it up to make it comfy in the coldest seasons. 


  • Offers 110,000 BTU for superior performance in both heating and cooling.
  • It is incredibly quiet despite being so powerful.
  • More efficiency and money saved with the ThermoLink heat exchanger.
  • Better compatibility with two-speed and variable speed pumps.
  • Outstanding ease of use with a microprocessor and digital display.
  • Hidden controls increase security and protection to the display.
  • An excellent AquaTop tech that promotes better airflow.
  • Debris, dust, rust, fade-proof with the exceptional cabinet design.
  • More effective and reliable defrost cycles.
  • Works in both cold and hot seasons with the H/C feature.

Customer's comments:

"My Sq120 has a pool option and a spa option. This thing is awesome it heats the spa really quick and hardly makes any noise at all If I did not feel the water the only way to tell if it is running is to walk over and see if the fan is spinning. I would defiantly purchase again!" - F. Palazzo

"This heat pump works great! It heats about one (1) degree per hour, it does consume about 8.5 Kwh in case you're wondering, but all the other features and the way it heats up the pool is great. I have a 12,000 gal pool, so it heats it up relatively fast. I would definitely recommend this heat pump or any AquaCal heat pump." - J Gutierrez

AquaCal TropiCal T115 heat pump

The majority of gas-driven pool heaters are small and compact, so they take less space and can fit practically anywhere.

Features, benefits, comments

Among AquaCal pool heaters, the TropiCal T115 is maybe the best mid-range, without a doubt. It is quieter, more efficient, and highly long-lasting. You will obtain a product that delivers a magnificent performance throughout the years for both in-ground and above-ground pools.

Patented Titanium ThermoLink heat exchanger

The Titanium T115 model of the TroPical heat pump is known as one of the most efficient in the market. This heat exchanger can produce outstanding amounts of energy using only half of what gas pool heaters do.

High-quality microprocessor

A useful defrost cycle and reliable performance keep your heat pump working at all times. It will maintain the temperature around 40 F without problems.

Top-notch panel & display

Keep your device protected against the sun or any weather condition. Thanks to the lockable control with flip-out design, only you will be able to set it up while keeping it away from damage.

Exceptional shell & cabinet

Thanks to the fantastic shell and cabinet design, you get a product that is resistant to rust and impacts as well as fade. And including the built-in drain pan, you get a highly convenient device.

Quietest performance

Even when compared to the SuperQuiet, the TropiCal T115 can provide a fantastic performance without making noise. It will help you relax while enjoying its heating capacity.


  • Excellent 112,000 BTU for superior heating power.
  • Titanium T115 exchanger for unmatched efficiency and performance.
  • Entirely easy to install from the first moment.
  • Highly convenient and secure controls.
  • Exceptional microprocessor promotes better defrost cycles.
  • Sturdier cabinet provides durability and resistance.
  • Additional built-in pan helps to drain condensation.
  • Really quiet performance.

Customer’s comments:

"Works well. It does the job and is quieter than my last unit. For the money, it was a good deal. Because of the design, it takes up less room than my old Rheem." - Kunde

"Unit works well and is easy to program. However, it feels pretty cheaply made (the outside/housing; the internals seem well done) and doesn't come with a cover. Hook up is easy but you'll need an electrician to run the power."- Customer

So, are AquaCal pool heaters worth it?

Longevity, performance, efficiency, ease of use, technology, less maintenance, quietness, and much more – AquaCal is a unique brand you can't dismiss when it comes to heat pumps.

These water heating devices will quickly meet your highest standards and improve your comfort exponentially.

If you think of getting new swimming pool heaters for your home, then AquaCal pool heaters will be your best choice. You are making a smart investment by increasing the home value. Don't hesitate and get one of these great devices now!

How to contact the AquaCal company:

Official website: aquacal.com

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