2013 Richmond table top

by Toby Hensley
(Murfreesboro, Tn U.S.A)

I installed Richmond table top water heater today.

Lots of insulation
Heated the first 40 galloms in less than 30 minutess
Recovered within 15 minutes after first shower
Did not leak
Good warranty
Made in U.S.A.

Top is almost impossible to remove and installation instructions do not mention how to remove it
Cabinet metal(except top) is extremely thin - not a solid structure
Top insulation has to be removed to install fittings and is extrememy difficult to reinstall
Installation of the water lines was difficult due to minimal clearance at the top of the tank.

Since there is almont no variance in attaching water lines to the tank, I would have gladly paid more for an easy connect kit similar to that on a washing machine. It can be done.

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